Saturday, July 14, 2012


In 2007 I placed a large part of my academic failings on others. It could be added to some extent I was right to do so. I was saddened, angered, and frustrated primarily with one person. Details of this some of you know. Honestly, just about anyone who may read this Blog already knows details about that. I friend who as an elementary school student had had no qualms about punching a girl offered to punch the female professor for me. I assume he was kidding. If blame were to be assessed it should be fair to give some of it to me and let's leave 2007 five years in the past.
Now, in 2012, my academic failings are all my own. A mental block. Fear. Headaches. Fatigue. They are me. My short comings. Possibly sabotage. I will put a little poem here by the Great Nicanor Parra. Just change poetry into education. Oh and if you don't speak or rather read Spanish you may want to get a translation:
Yo no digo que ponga fin a nada
No me hago ilusiones al respecto
Yo quería seguir poetizando
Pero se terminó la inspiración.
La poesía se ha portado bien
Yo me he portado horriblemente mal.

Qué gano con decir
Yo me he portado bien
La poesía se ha portado mal
Cuando saben que yo soy el culpable.
¡Está bien que me pase por imbécil!

La poesía se ha portado bien
Yo me he portado horriblemente mal
La poesía terminó conmigo.

It the words of the poet James William Buffett "It's my own damn Fault.

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